Disney Afternoon Collection

Submitted by b on Wed, 01/09/2019 - 20:59

The Disney Afternoon is a programming block that aired on a lot of stations around the country in the 90's. After school you could come home and watch shows like DuckTales, Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers, Tale Spin, Darkwing Duck, It'sand some other shows that we won't bother talking about today.

But those shows spawned a few NES games that are widely regarded, even though they weren't really all that great (especially that Tale Spin game) they were accessible and easy enough that the target market (and also me!) could get through them without too much difficulty. And, even though I have a working NES and a couple of the games, Capcom was nice enough to package up a bunch of them and add some bonus features like me not having to get the NES out and fiddling with the cartridge to get it to work, and me not having to trawl eBay for a copy of DuckTales 2 that costs less than $200. Those are features I can get behind. It also doesn't hurt that I checked out the PlayStation store on a whim recently and found that the collection was down to $5. So I took advantage of the opportunity to get yet another copy of a few games I didn't have and a few games I'll probably never have.

And that might have been a mistake.

On the surface, the collection looks pretty great. It's got six games in it, including two pretty rare ones (DuckTales 2 and Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers 2) with some so-called 'quality of life' improvements that come standard on a lot of emulators these days like rewinding your gameplay. There are also fun sections like art galleries and a sound test where you can listen to the music in the games without having to actually get into the game and having the sound effects playing over top of them. That's the first option I went to, and the results weren't pretty.

The art galleries were interesting, though they primarily concentrated on DuckTales. But the music player was where I really noticed some issue. I played a few songs that I recognized from some of the games I'd played over the years and they sounded bad. They popped and skipped, which I thought was really odd and maybe had something to do with my television or my speakers or something like that. I backed out of there and started playing DuckTales, and I found that not only did the popping and skipping of the soundtrack continue, but that the game also suffered from a lot of weird problems like slowdown and choppiness.

(Pay no attention to the dropouts at about 0:32, my capture card apparently had a hiccup) There are also little things like Launchpad asking you to confirm with the 'A' button or cancel with the 'B' button, which the PlayStation controller doesn't have, and the Select button not being defined in the 'how to play' section, but it is in the manual. I haven't bothered to check out the other games in the collection yet, but I will probably eventually get to them, but given how awful this port is, it's not really a priority.