Super Mario Bath Fizzie

Submitted by b on Wed, 10/03/2018 - 08:00

I was walking around my local Big Lots the other day, when something caught my eye, a Super Mario-branded bath bomb (branded here as a 'bath fizzie') for a dollar, and then 20% off. I'd never used a bath bomb before, but for that kind of price, I figured I could give it a shot.

Super Mario Bath Fizzie package

It's kind of hard to see in that picture, but the thing is 'Mamma mia Mango' scented and it's got a hidden color-twist inside! What fun!

So, I grabbed a few and decided to test them out.

I filled up my bathtub, hopped in, unwrapped the fizzie and dropped it into the tub.

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And what happened next was... kind of disappointing. The bath bomb didn't exactly go off like it was supposed to. It just kind of bubbled for a few seconds and then just sat there dissolving slowly until I got bored with waiting for it and decided to crush the rest of it with my fingers. As advertised, the thing was, indeed mango scented, and there was a color-change tablet in it. The tablet was red, which was given away by the front of the package.

And the combination of the bright yellow tennis-ball color of the bath bomb and the deep red of the color change tablet made the bathwater look dirty and murky, kind of like swamp water, but at least it smelled decent.

I tried again with another fizzie, thinking that I might have gotten a dud, but the other one did the same thing, which I later found out is a side effect of them sitting around too long, which is probably how Big Lots got them in the first place.

And, yet, even with all of that crushing disappointment, it was still more fun than Ice Climber.