Beeshu Zinger

Submitted by b on Wed, 10/17/2018 - 08:14

Back in 2004 or so, I visited a friend out of state, and during the visit he gave me a Beeshu Zinger joystick. Yesterday, I finally tried to use it. (I've been busy, okay?)

The Zinger is weird.

Beeshu Zinger backBeeshu Zinger Bottom

It's a standard arcade-style joystick, with a trigger on the top, a trigger on the front, and two buttons on the base. It also has the start and select buttons on the near side of the base, and suction cups to keep it attached to a flat surface (although the suction cups on this one are a little bit raggedy because of age, and probably because the stick wasn't stored very well).

The trigger buttons at the top are both the NES's B button, and the buttons on the base are both the A button, some other reviews elsewhere on the Internet (trust me on this) have postulated that this is probably for accessibility so that left-handed and right-handed people could use it, and I'd say that's probably true.

The stick feels mushy when you move it around the four directions, and I had to move it a lot further than I thought I needed to to make something happen on the screen. I tried to play a platforming game with a stick that's obviously meant for arcade-style shoot-em-ups, and it did not go well (also, I forgot to make sure I was recording sound, so I had to substitute it for something else, it's hardly noticeable).

My biggest problem is that I'm olde-schoole enough that I remember playing video games with an Atari Joystick, and which involved waggling the joystick with my hand, and pressing the 'do something' button with my other hand, so when I had to try to use my waggle-hand to also do whatever B-button thing I wanted to do, it doesn't work very well.

On the other hand, when I tried to play a more shooty-arcade-style game (like Seicross), it was much better.

Overall, it probably won't displace my NES Advantage any time soon, and it also probably won't be my go-to stick for any platformers, but, assuming I remember that I have it, I'll probably use it when I'm playing stuff like Galaga and trying to get that Real Arcade Feel(tm).